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Try These Home Remodel Ideas

Are you looking for ways to improve the look of your home?

If you have an older home, or perhaps you’re tired of how your current home looks, consider updating certain areas with a complete remodel.

Some homeowners choose to sell the home rather than fix it up. This is certainly a possible solution, but if you’re creative or still love your home, the remodel will provide extra benefits.

For one thing, updated bathroom fixtures and a modern look will add value to your home if you do decide to sell it later on.

The most obvious remodel is the flooring.

If you have old carpet that needs to be replaced, consider laminate flooring or tile. The options that are available are incredible. I especially like the tiles that are made to look like hardwood flooring. Homes that get particularly hot in the summer will benefit from a floor like this one.

If you’re still a fan of carpet, you could simply change out the carpet in the bedrooms. I saw this at a friend’s home and loved the contrast. Plus, the floors were much easier to clean as well.

Another remodel idea is updating your bathrooms.

Change out the old sink to a pedestal style or a modern looking bowl style and add a new faucet, replace the toilet with an energy efficient one that uses less water, and replace that old shower or tub with a new one with special spaces in the shower wall. Let’s not forget the new shower hose with multiple sprays.

By the time the bathroom is done, you won’t even recognize it. And if you prefer to let someone else install these items for you, check out this link. Most companies focus on heating and cooling services, but this one will help you with your remodel too, which is convenient if you’re busy.

Little details will also make your home feel new. Consider new doorknobs or handles for your drawers. Or how about new light switch plates? Light bulbs and lamps are also easy ways to improve your home.

Have you thought about ceilings fans for the home? Installing new ones may require extra work regarding the wiring and such, but it’s not a major problem if you hire a competent electrician.

If you have ceiling fans in the home already, changing them out is doable. I especially like the fans that are remote controlled. This is helpful if you have high ceilings and an aversion to heights or dragging out a ladder just to change the speed.

A kitchen remodel is a huge undertaking, but the payoff is worth it in the end.

Changing out the sink and stove are obvious steps. However, replacing the counters with a different stone or using butcher block for the island will definitely give the kitchen a different feel.

If you enjoy cooking and baking, choose a material that allows you to do these things better. Certain materials are porous and will require extra care when cleaning, so keep that in mind as well.

Replacing cabinets or even the cabinet doors adds another dimension to the remodel. If you don’t want to deal with cabinets, you can tear them out and have open shelving. I’ve always liked this look, especially in being able to find the pots and pans that I need.

Last but not least, let’s not forget the refrigerator. The new ones on the market look sleek, stylish, and are much more energy efficient.  If you want your entire kitchen to look seamless, consider a refrigerator door that matches the material of the cabinets. It’s hidden, which is a nice surprise.

I almost forget about repainting the walls.

If done right, nothing adds balance and brings a home together like new paint. Modernize an older home by choosing colors that are neutral, but if you like the accented paint look, pick a color that will truly make the wall pop, but without clashing with the rest of the walls.

Lastly, we can’t forget about the lighting in the home and the wall décor. Adding track lighting in certain spots will add a more comfortable feel to the overall look of the home. If you have gorgeous artwork, highlight it with targeted lighting. Smaller rooms can benefit from mirrors to enhance and enlarge the space as well.

These are simply ideas you can use for your next home remodel. It’s always fun to change things up. Do as much or as little as you’d like, but start with a plan and leave room for changes.

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