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Photo ID Badges for an Event

Organizing a conference is an exciting prospect for your business. You get a chance to network and promote your business, as you make a profit. However, we have various security threats that are common at these events. With so many people coming together at the same time, it is not uncommon to find that people lose their items, a fact that is attributed to unauthorized people accessing the event.

Using Photo ID Badges at the Event

Whether you are planning an informal fundraiser, a small team meeting or formal event, it is important to identify the key participants at the event. You need to create the perfect identification for attendees and organizers. One of the greatest ways to achieve this is to use realistic photo ID badges. These badges help to identify your visitor and give you necessary access control. You can easily get these badgets from EasyID Solutions, here’s their location in case you’re interested though it would be easier to order them online.

Don’t use sticker badges for the event, unless you are planning a 30-minute informal event. These kinds of badges are usually tacky and unprofessional, and will usually disappear when the user removes the coat or sweater. These sticky badges cannot be transferred to another garment the following day. On the other hand, using a photo ID badge makes the event look professional. You can use them the next day to get access to the event.

You might think that the process of loading the cards with data is long and hard, but this isn’t the case. You can input a database of attendees into the ID template and leave the rest to the ID software. The design process takes just a few minutes, and your cards will be ready.

Displaying the Cards at the Event

Before you decide on the ID card accessories, consider the dress code and the proposed event activities. If you are hosting a conference or any other formal event, you can go for a card holder that hangs around the attendee’s neck. Most attendees won’t be for the idea of a strap clip, therefore, you can use lanyards to display the card at the event.

How Can You Differentiate the Event Attendees?

A conference will most definitely have different groups attending such as volunteers, staff, and guests of honor. The only way you can differentiate between these groups is to use color-coded ID cards. The different colors will provide a quick identification even from a distance. You can assign an orange color to volunteers, green to staff and white to guests. You can also add labels to the cards, for instance, you can print “STAFF” in bold letters on the front of the cards.

Differentiating the attendees is also a good way to provide access control for the event. When the attendees are easily identified, the security personnel can decide who gets access to what part of the event and who doesn’t.

Using these badges also helps you accord the right kind of respect to different groups of attendees. For instance, you will be able to identify the guests of honor in a way that they get the treatment they deserve at the event. Speakers, award winners, or sponsors of the event ought to be identified with a special kind of logo or lettering. This feature might seem insignificant but will make your special guests feel honored and make sure that every staff member addresses them as required.

When Should You Print The Badges?

So, should you print the badge just before the event or a week earlier? One of the ways to prepare for the day is to get the details of the attendees probably two weeks earlier, latest a week. Creating the cards ahead of time gives you the chance to edit them and make changes before the big day. It also reduces stress associated with such events. You also need to have blank ID cards for last-minute attendees.

Choosing the Size

The size of the badge will depend on the information that you will put on it. The badge shouldn’t be too small to look irrelevant or too big to overshadow the attire of the attendee. You can go for horizontal or vertical badges. The badges shouldn’t be too small to slip around as the attendee moves within the venue.

The Information to Go on the Badge

You need to include various types of information on the badge. You MUST include the first and last name, the affiliation and the role at the event. If you get space, you can include the schedule at the aback of the ID. Play with the font to define the important details such as the title.

Final Thoughts

Identification and security at any formal or informal event are vital. One of the best ways to achieve these is by using photo ID badges that show the name of the attendee or staff and use color codes to define the various categories and access permissions.

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