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Instagram Growth Tips for Actors

Being an actor is a great experience. You are always on the stage, and you have fans all around the world. However, as an actor, there is nothing like “enough” when it comes to fans. You want to have as many as you can, and you want them to check out what you do. This is because acting is all about being in the limelight.

This is why you need to have a social media presence, and since acting is more of visual expression, you want to be on a platform that supports your visual experience.

You need to be on Instagram.

Once you sign up for Instagram, the next thing is to grow your audience and make them follow your experience. Here are a few ways to get more people following you.

Engage With the Audience Strategically

When starting out, many people find it hard to get the kind of followers they need, but today we check out a nifty little trick that will take you to the top.

Take time and identify a few actors that are already established on the platform, say 5, maximum 10. These actors have the same audience as you do, and their followers will love what you do. Spend a few minutes each day engaging with the followers by checking out their posts and liking them. Leave thoughtful comments on their posts. Doing this encourages the audience to follow you in return.

You can do the same for the hashtags that the other actor uses. Find the posts that use these hashtags and comment or like them and come up with an engaged audience.

Don’t Make Your Account Private!

It is a surprise that many actors, who are public figures, make their accounts private. If you have been on Instagram for a while, then you know that it is hard to get followers to a private Instagram account.

What you need to do is to change your account to the public, and the rest will follow.

Leverage the Power of Instagram Stories

Using Instagram Stories lets you keep your followers hooked and allow you to talk to them longer than usual. With stories, you can document the experiences that you undergo the whole day.

For instance, if you are shooting a scene, you can use the Stories to document the whole process right from the time you wake up to the time you get back to the house. There are so many users who are willing to follow the story and find out how your day progresses.

The better and more engaging the stories are, the higher the likelihood that your Stories appear in the newsfeed.

Use Relevant Hashtags

One of the ways to grow a targeted audience is to use hashtags in the right way. Looking at your content, you can come up with the right kind of hashtags for the perfect exposure.

Hashtags need to relate to the topics you write about mostly. Build these hashtags into your content and make your content more exposed.

Automate Your Tasks

To make it as an actor requires you to work day and night memorizing scripts and rehearsing. To enjoy what both worlds offer, you need to automate your tasks on Instagram using a bot. Income Artist looks at this bots in detail. This site has lots of tips and information on what kind of bot to choose and how to grow your account the right way.

The Conclusion

Being an actor is one of the best careers ever. You are always in the limelight, and you make people happy. Make sure to extend this happiness to your fans on social media as well.

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