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Cosmetic Dentistry Versus General Dentistry- The Difference In The Treatment

You know that there are different dental fields in the present world, and two most accepted experts in this domain are the cosmetic dentists and general dentists. In most cases, patients, who need to have some dental treatment or want to find out the teeth cavities, usually go to general dentists, who are proficient in offering the basic processes initially. On the other hand, patients, who are concerned on the appearance of the teeth, are likely to have a contact with their cosmetic dentist in Barnet. Such dentists can give the treatments, which bring the whiter colour of the teeth. However, both the types of dentists possess the talents, which are necessary for completing a range of general dental practices that are complex or simple in nature.

Teeth cleaning tests done by the dentists

The specialists in cosmetic dental practice undergo the same fundamental training, which is received by the general dentists, however, with little extra education. When you go to any a cosmetic dentist to whiten the teeth, he must clean the teeth in order to make the procedure more effective. While you have any seriously damaged tooth, which requires repair, you may search for any cosmetic dentist to get an aesthetically attractive solution. Your dentist will have x-rays before starting the selected procedure.

The different charge of various dentist for same process

Possibly, you have noticed the variations in pricing from one dentist to the other, and also among cosmetic and general dentists, who often carry out the same processes. For instance, both the kinds of the dentists acquire the talents that are essential to fill your cavity in teeth. In fact, cosmetic dentists are usually concerned on the attractiveness of the smile of their patients. Cosmetic dentists always know something, regarding the artistic idea of one’s smile pattern. While they place any dental veneer in the teeth, they can consider the arrangement of jaw, the outline of the face, complexion of skin and some other such facts. Most possibly, they depend on some composite fillings that are intended to suit the present tooth colour of the patients. As the composite filling is costlier than the amalgam ones, the cost of receiving it may be higher.

Can both the dentists restore a missing tooth

Many of the general dental specialists often refer their patients, who want to have the implant to restore the lost tooth. But, some of the general dentists as well as cosmetic dental experts can change missing teeth, by placing bridges.

Disorders treated by both dentists

General as well as cosmetic dental treatment- both can treat the following dental problems like

  • Broken or decayed teeth
  • Cavities
  • Misaligned, gapping or crowded teeth
  • Tooth that is missed

But, general dentistry makes use of the older methods that do not relate the style of your own smile.

General dentistry applies-

  • Metal fillings (contract and expand with cold and heat)
  • Metal crowns (extremely visible or very unpleasant)
  • Metal braces (not comfortable)
  • Detachable dentures (often ill fitting)
  • Fixed bridges (may damage teeth’s formation)

Cosmetic dentistry utilizes-

  • Invisalign
  • Porcelain crowns or veneers
  • Implants to keep up the structural design of adjacent teeth
  • Whitening the tooth to make the teeth appear younger

Thus, by understanding the difference of two dentists, you can find the right one.

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