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8 Reasons to Vacuum Seal Your Items

Vacuuming sealing is a simple and effective way of packaging various food products. It’s often used in residential and commercial settings to preserve food items. Technically, it’s seen as a type of modified atmosphere packaging, or MAP. MAP refers to any kind of packaging where the atmosphere surrounding the product is different from the outside atmosphere.

In the following piece, we’re going to highlight the benefits of vacuum sealing. However, before getting to the benefits, we’ll discuss the start-up materials and equipment needed to begin vacuum sealing.

Start-up requirements for vacuum packaging

Vacuum sealers may vary in requirements and price, often depending on machine sizes and production levels. Determining projected product sizes and production levels before buying equipment can save you a great deal of frustration down the line. Another point to consider is the gas flush option. Gas flush injects some inert gas into your sealed package to increase its shelf life.

Once you choose the right sealer, you need to choose vacuum bags, which come in a range of options and sizes. Choosing the best vacuum bag for every product will ensure professional and sleek packaging.

There are additional items that might be needed based on the equipment chosen. External gas tanks are usually needed for gas flush units. External compressors will also be needed for numerous commercial level vacuum sealers. Many start-up commercial vacuum packaging operations can be initiated with an initial investment of $2500-$4000. This should hold up to at least 300 packages an hour. Some firms can save a lot on their initial investment by going for a high-end residential vacuum sealer if start-up levels of production are lower.

8 reasons to vacuum package items

Reduced product loss

A longer shelf life directly helps reduce product losses for businesses inventorying products, helping them to increase their bottom lines.

Increased shelf life

Studies have proven that vacuum sealing can increase the shelf life of a product by 50% to 400%. The secret to increasing a product’s shelf life is to determine the perfect atmosphere inside the packaging where the product can be packaged. This might be done by introducing an inert gas or reducing oxygen to optimal levels. Vacuum sealing is also the preferred method of packaging many products going into freezer storage for a long time. The best vacuum bags can drastically minimize freezer burn. Vacuum sealing is the best way to package meat for storage around the world.

Seal in flavors

Wet aging meat products is a popular way to cure meat before it’s prepared. This usually uses the meat’s natural juices with flavors and spices vacuum sealed to retain the flavors during the process of curing.

Sealed barrier from outside elements

The most common thickness for vacuum bags is 3 millimeters but some bags are 6-8 millimeters thick. With the right seal, vacuum sealing can protect your products from insects, dust, moisture, as well as various other external elements that could damage or harm them. Vacuum sealing is also a formidable barrier of protection from freezer burn during lengthy freezer storage.

Requires no chemical preservatives

Vacuum sealing removes the necessity of chemical preservatives. As long as the mixture of inert gas and oxygen is right, products may last much longer without the need for commonly used chemical preservatives. Nitrogen is the most common inert gas used for vacuum sealing, and it makes up 78 percent of the earth’s atmosphere.

Multiple packaging options

Vacuum sealing materials have lots of packaging options. You can buy bags or rolls of film to seal items. Bags may come with simple open tear notches, reclosable zippers, channeled, foil lined, and with a range of other alternatives to choose from.

Better product presentation

The majority of vacuum bags are as clear as crystal, allowing products in the packaging to be shown on shelves. Vacuum sealing is an affordable solution that allows items to be ready for shelves with the use of custom printed stickers.

Quick and effective packaging

With the right equipment and materials, vacuum packaging can be an extremely effective process, allowing thousands of items to be sealed each hour.

To enjoy these benefits, it can be a good idea to compare vacuum sealers before you settle on the right one for your needs.

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